Worsek & Vihon LLP represents commercial, industrial and multi-family property owners, users and developers, as well as condominium associations, offering legal advice and representation in these areas:

Commercial & Industrial Property Tax Assessment Appeals

Concentrating exclusively on Illinois real estate taxation matters since 1983, Worsek & Vihon’s core focus is to minimize the tax liabilities of our clients through assessment appeals—challenging the values placed on properties by assessing officials. This includes seeking reductions of assessed values before assessors, boards of review, State of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board and the courts. We practice throughout the state with an emphasis on properties in Cook and the surrounding counties. In all cases, in-depth knowledge of property tax law, prevailing tax calendars and jurisdictional practices are crucial to ensure just outcomes.

Whether there are thousands or millions of dollars at stake, Worsek & Vihon strives to assure our clients pay their fair share of taxes—and no more.

Condominium, Townhome & Cooperative Boards

During more than 35 years in practice, Worsek & Vihon has helped thousands of condominium, cooperative apartment and townhome associations evaluate and appeal their property tax assessments. From downtown high rises to suburban complexes, experience has taught us that clients have many questions before even beginning the process.

Here are some FAQs that will help you determine your next steps.

Yes, definitely. A board is authorized by the Illinois Condominium Property Act to approve an assessment appeal on behalf of all owners. In fact, a single complaint covering the entire association is almost always more effective than individual appeals.

Since there are no expenses in determining whether owners are eligible for tax savings, it is financially responsible to make sure the foundation for your property assessment is sound.

Every time the property is subject to reassessment or when a condominium declaration or amendment is recorded. In Cook County, properties are reassessed every three years.

Call our office with the property index number found on your tax bill or assessment notice. In most cases, we can begin an analysis with just that information. In the case of new construction, a list of initial purchase dates and purchase prices may be necessary.

Worsek & Vihon provides complimentary tax analyses. No fee is charged if the property is deemed to be fairly assessed. If an appeal is recommended, a contingent fee based on a percentage of tax savings is charged—and only after a successful appeal.

If an assessment challenge is warranted, an authorization and agreement form will be sent for signature to a board officer or property manager. Worsek & Vihon will then compile supporting evidence, file an appeal and present the case before assessing officials.

Typically, a condominium appeal will require a complaint to be filed at the Assessor’s Office and Board of Review. The result of the appeal will be reported back to the board at each stage of the process. In the event of a successful appeal, we will identify the tax implications on a unit-by-unit basis, so each unit will be correctly billed its fair share.

Tax Incentives & Abatements

Worsek & Vihon identifies opportunities to secure rightful tax incentives and abatements for qualifying commercial and industrial properties. These long-term tax savings are often the critical factor in achieving the necessary economics for moving forward with a development project.

Property owners may be entitled to tax incentives or abatements for projects that provide:

  • New construction or substantial rehabilitation
  • Reoccupation of abandoned properties
  • Rehabilitation of landmarks
  • Remediation of formerly contaminated properties
  • Job growth

Real Estate Tax Counsel

Investors rely on Worsek & Vihon for research and correct analysis of their property tax issues, prior to and after acquiring a property or portfolio of real estate assets. Among the services offered are:

  • Research of historical taxes and comparable property assessments
  • Advice on structuring transactions and future actions to minimize tax liabilities
  • Monitor assessment and tax payment calendar

Worsek & Vihon provides trusted counsel on the most cost effective ways to manage and minimize property taxes. Whether evaluating tax liabilities, representing property owners throughout the appeals process or obtaining incentive assessments, we are prepared to handle your commercial and industrial property tax challenges.